In recent weeks, I’ve started working with a number of local non-profits and activist groups to draw more attention to the terrible condition of Salt Lake City’s air quality, as well as to the certainly not only meteorological, sometimes down right invidious, and always unnecessary causes of it.  According to Utah Department of Environment Quality’s Current Air Quality Report, this rainy afternoon has been the first time in over a week that the city’s air has not fallen into the category of “unhealthy,” if not “hazardous,” and it won’t stay this way for long. One of our fellow collaborators in #maskmovement has generated this attractive and useful infographic, which I’m happy to share:

IMG_0039If you’re reading this, I probably have some personal interest in your well being, and perhaps you might have some interest in my strange operations. So I have two reasons for asking you (if you live in Salt Lake) to try wearing an NIOSH approved N95 mask when outdoors on days that rate “yellow” or worse; it will filter out 95% of the PM2.5 particulate matter that is whittling away at your life, and it will make SLC far more visible as the new fog-choked Victorian London that it is.